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Slovak hydrometeorological institute INSPIRE & OpenData

Team: Peter Hanečák, Kathi Schleidt, Tomáš Kliment


Project re-using meteorological data from Slovak hydrometeorological institute with aim to provide data as Open Data via CSV files as well as (INSPIRE aligned) services. The OGC SensorThings API, which has been proposed as an alternative download service within INSPIRE for the provision of measurement data, was utilized for data provision. In addition this project built a simple web map application based on this service, allowing the users to display stations on the map with information about the measurements and their values. Finally, the project is utilising the data to display them in graph representation.

Used data resources:

  1. Meteorological data available from Slovak hydrometeorological institute
  2. Open street map

Used technologies: SensorThings API, Data harvester, Open Layers

Additional info:

Open soil map

Team: Jakub Kočica, Boris Kružliak


Project built on top of Soil structure / quality data (Bonitované pôdnoekologické jednotky (BPEJ)) published by the National agricultural and food centre, containing the information about the soil quality and price. Result of the project is represented by the new map of soil types with the values of the soil price, published via machine readable OGC view service as well as by simple app providing the data via web browser.

Used data resources:

  1. Soil structure / quality data (Bonitované pôdnoekologické jednotky (BPEJ))

Used technologies: QGIS, PostgreSQL, Tabula, GeoServer, Excell, Notepad

Additional info:

Historical changes of Bratislava based on maps

Team: Boris Kružliak, Martin Zeman, Ondrej Kozlovsky


Project provides map apps on top of vectorised historical raster maps (geoportal.gov.sk), providing the visualisation of land cover in five time periods within the Bratislava as well as visualisation of the buildings coverage in three time periods across the Bratislava city centre.

Used data resources:

  1. Vectorised layers of historical maps
  2. Open street map

Used technologies: Postgre, Geoserver, Leaflet

Additional info:


Main ambition is to support the apps development, built on top of re-use of open data and application programming interface(API) of public sector organisations. 2017 starts the new era in openning of public sector data based on set of Resolutions of the Government of the Slovak Republic (104/2017 a 346/2017 - SK only). Although the process of data oppening has just started, set of datasets is being made available as open data via SK Open Data Portal. The amount will rise, butt it's necessary to search for evidence, this effort makes sense. Therefore set of public sector authorities has joined forces in order to find out:

  • whether it's possible to create new apps, data, services, as well as jobs on top of open data, APIs and technologies,
  • ako ich efektívne využiť pre zlepšenie Štátneho IT (eGovernment)how these effectively utilize in order to improve State IT (eGovernment) in development and use of apps and services with added value,
  • verify possibilities of open spatial data and API, including the potencial of INSPIRE infrastructure.

To proof that there is potential, present what’s behind you and your mates! Identify the possibilities, pitch ideas, promote your data, re-use available open data, API & software technologies to create new data, software, apps, or visualisations! And last but not least meet new people and spent two days in Bratislava just before the Christmas.

Initial list of application domains:


Air, water, soil, protected areas...

Open Information

Open Data, API, Software...


Government, Business, Citizens...

Other Areas

Register and propose some!

In order to support the participants of the event, following resources will be made available:

Simple search list
Searchable list of resources
G-Doc Table     
Initial list of possible resources
In case you would like to extend or update the list, send us an email.


It’s not about winning - it’s about learning and making contacts, friends and networks (so everyone’s a winner!).
A panel of representatives of organisers and invited experts will select the best outcomes.

1.Place: "SHMÚ INSPIRE & OpenData" 200€,3-months membership in Connect (in value of 1200 €), WebSupport Virtual server V2 for 1 year

2.Place: "Open soil map" 200€, WebSupport The Hosting for 1 year max. size 3GB

3.Place: "Historical changes of Bratislava based on maps" 200€, WebSupport The Hosting for 1 year max. size 3GB

Awards have been supported by:

Connect, WebSupport, MŽP SR, SAŽP, ProNatur


This single sessions hackathon event will be combined with the set of contributions under the title "Open Data Academy. DanubeHack 3.0 will provide the space for development of new apps, services and data, including inspiring contributions from the experts in the related domains.

Day 1 Saturday 16.12.2017 08:30 - 20:00

Warm up, by presenting the aim of the event, input data and technology as well as participants. Pitching the ideas into the projects and setting up the project teams, Open Data Academy, midhack.

Day 2 Sunday 17.12.2017 08:00 - 16:00

Day 1 follow up, presentation of the projects outcomes, evaluation and awarding of the best ones.


Day Time Programme

Day 1 Saturday

08:30  Registration
09:00  Invitation and introduction of the event

09:15  Data, API, technology intro
09:30  Pitching/Collection of the project ideas
10:00  Creating the teams / hacking

 Open data academy I. : - BASIC (Open data awareness raising)

 1.Open Data in cube. Ján Gondoľ

 2.Why data shall be open and what are the benefits? Iveta Ferčíková

 3.Where to search for open data? (data.gov.sk, eurodataportal). Silvia Horváthová

 4.What are the apps built on top of public sector open data? Peter Hanečák

 5. How to engage communities? Patterns from abroad? Ján Suchal

12:30  Lunch

 Open Data Academy II.: - ADVANCED

 6.Where are we, with respect to the international open data ratings  and how we can be better? Peter Hanečák

 7. What are the most wanted open data in Slovakia? What we can lose / gain / with the non/publishing? Milan Andrejkovič

 8.Real opportunities for reuse of geospatial data in Slovakia. Jakub Kočica

 9.INSPIRE & Open Geo Data. Martin Tuchyňa

 10.How to represent selected geospatial data supporting DCAT-AP (GEO-DCAT) + INSPIRE as linked data. Miroslav Líška & Marek Šurek

13:30  Hacking
18:00  MidHack - presenting the achievements and problems teams are facing
20:00  End of day 1

Day 2 Sunday



14:00  Hacking 
15:00  Final presentations 
15:30  Anouncing and awarding the winners  
16:00  Conclusions and acknowledgements 


What means DanubeHack 3.0?

DanubeHack 3.0 is the third edition of the Hackathon organised in Bratislava (Slovakia) as follow up of the DanubeHack 2015, 2016. Main aim of the DanubeHack 3.0 is to create the space, where those with the interest in potential of Open (Geo) Data can meet, present their ideas, knowledge a discuss the possible ways of further cooperation or project ideas.

When will event take place?

Danube hack will last 2 days, starting on the Saturday morning (16th of December 2017) and will last till Sunday evening (17th of December 2017). For more detailed roadmap and updates in agenda, check regularly this website.

Who should consider to register?

Any enthusiasts willing to show, what can be done with available data and technologies as well as anybody with the interest in improvement or sharing the knowledge with related topics are more than welcome. The same applies for those willing to present available Open Data. Anyway, because of capacity limitations, organisers will evaluate the registration proposals in order to cover thematic and geographical scope of the event.

Why & how to register?

Main motivation to consider your participation should be the willingness to explore or demonstrate the potential of the Open (Geo) Data added value as well as share and collect related information, knowledge and experience. Data produces can also advertise their Open Data and get direct feedback from their users. Geo data by its nature provides spatial delineation for any phenomena we are facing these days. Therefore, despite the primary geodata focus any non - spatial data which can have direct on indirect linkage to location and space will be in scope, independently of their origin. The same will be applied for technology part of the event, where any perspective software platforms, solutions as well as approaches and methodologies will be more than welcome. Initial List of resources (covering identified data, catalogues and related tools) has been made available and will be updated by the organizers, supporters including input received from you. Registration was possible via registration form.

Hackathon and Open Data Academy

Hackathon will be primarily focused on implementation of the ideas presented and supported by the teams created from the participants at the beginning. Open Data Academy will provide the small enrichment of the event with the short inspirative contributions for the relevant topics.

Why and how to support DanubeHack?

The success and quality of the event is closely linked with the received support and sponsoring. Event can provide unique opportunity to trigger promising ideas, gain new knowledge or uncover smart experts. Therefore, various modules of event supporters/sponsors have been identified:

  • Organisers: Supporters directly involved via financial funding and organising the event with the possibility to shape the scope and direction of the event;
  • Projects: With direct (Financial) or indirect contribution (Support with the Programme, Data, Technologies, Promotional support, Awards for winners, Provision of mentors or members of jury);
  • Partners: With indirect contribution (Support with the Programme, Data, Technologies, Promotional support, Awards for winners, Provision of mentors or members of jury).

How much will event cost me?

Participation is free of charge, based on the registration. Because of the capacity limitations, organisers will evaluate the registration proposals in order to cover thematic and geographical scope of the event. Selected participants will be contacted with further details.

Where & how I will get further updates?

Watch this space regularly, or follow the latest updates via Facebook .

Who else is going to be there?

To provide the support for the hackathon participants, group of mentors with expertise from wide set of domains will be on place to provide the guidance, where needed. Evaluation of the outcomes from the projects established during the hackathon will be undertaken by the panel of skilled judges.

What do I need to bring?

There will be prepared essential package of food and drinks for the whole event, including connection to the electric and internet networks. Hackathon participants shall bring their tools and enthusiasm.

Do I need to have a team?

No. When the Hackathon kicks off, you’ll have the chance to pitch your idea to all participants, or to join a team you find interesting. Teams may combine or split up according to their interests and goals.

How can I get to the venue?

Hackathon will take place in lab.cafe Bratislava. Transport options:


List of those who helped to make this event happened.....

If you would like to support and sponsor this event, please get in touch with us.

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